Asagi Meada
b. Japan

Wear a dream, a city, a story — Asagi Maeda, a passionate metalsmith, meticulously constructs sculptures that are also jewelry. Fashioned from wood, plexi, resin, enamel, silver, gold, semiprecious and precious stones, the work is engraved and enameled by the artist with thoughtful narratives about family and society.

“I create an imaginary world with my jewelry, fabricating images of an inner world that is everywhere, encompassing people living in apartments, the inside of the ocean, or the story in a daydream. I am especially intrigued by city life, where buildings have windows that reveal individual lives, where simple, everyday questions, feelings and thoughts are swallowed up and tossed out in the whirlwind of day-to-day living. In my jewelry I try to reflect all of these observations. I use metal to sculpt minute details of a big life, creating individual homes for ideas.”

The Museum of Arts and Design, New York City, NY
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
Numerous private collections throughout the United States and internationally

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