What is a Superlative?

SU·PER·LAT·IVE \su-ˈpər-lə-tiv\

1.  expressing the highest quality or degree: a superlative piece of skill.


excellent, magnificent, wonderful, marvelous, supreme, consummate, outstanding, remarkable, fine, choice, first-rate, first-class, premier, prime, unsurpassed, unequaled, unparalleled, unrivaled, preeminent

Yoko Zeltserman-Miyaji, Nocturne: Four Seasons.

Yoko Zeltserman-Miyaji
Nocturne: Four Seasons

Nocturne: Four Seasons is perhaps the most intricate in an incredibly special series of sculptural, hand fabricated boxes by master studio furniture and urushi artist Yoko Zeltersman-Miyaji. Twelve months in the making, Nocturne: Four Seasons was first hand fabricated from the finest Mahogany before Zeltserman-Miyaji began the process of applying the urushi, or Japanese lacquer. Each color of urushi is painstakingly mixed by hand for two to three hours before Zeltserman-Miyaji begins the application…”
Elizabeth McDevitt, Necklace

Elizabeth McDevitt

“This necklace was in the works for a year while the artist selected opals from a gem dealer who personally visits the Wello mine in Ethiopia. Each of the 14 magnificent stones is hand set with a 22K gold bezel and cushioned on oxidized silver with fused 22K gold flecks. These elements are connected with 18K gold links that lend a lacy, light feel not usually found in a necklace with stones of this size. The entire piece is hand fabricated and has a hidden clasp…”
Kevin Coates, Tempus Fugit

Kevin Coates
Tempus Fugit

“Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and be empowered when wearing it. Made for Kevin Coates’ exhibition at Mobilia Gallery in 2015, “A Year of Rings,” Tempus Fugit is an extraordinary piece, inspired by Blake’s Auguries of Innocence. Coates, an incomparable master goldsmith, describes the first 4 lines of the poem as “a moving testament to human consciousness, its wonder and its frailty.”…”
Yoko Zeltserman-Miyaji, Light and Shadow

Yoko Zeltserman-Miyaji
Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow is both  a beautiful sculpture  and also a functional box of drawers which can easily be used and enjoyed for lifetimes, destined to become a cherished heirloom. Two doors open to reveal several drawers with hand fabricated mahogany pulls. Each drawer is itself a work of art, with unique urushi finishes inside and out….”
Kim Eric Lilot, Lost in Time

Kim Eric Lilot
Lost in Time

“This piece represents the culmination of a life-long desire to illustrate my fascination with human drama and frailty in the face of the ravages of time. The narrative is one of a writhing skeleton emerging from a dark void, the ashes of the past, caught in the striving for purpose. A major inspiration for the bracelet’s scheme was the dramatic emerging remains of the victims in Herculaneum from the Mount Vesuvius eruption of 79 AD…”

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