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YONG JOO KIM – From a Sialia Currocoides No. 6


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“What does it mean for us to survive?”

For me, making art is a way of exploring this simple yet complex question. I focus primarily on a single material of choice: hook and loop fasteners. I shape them with my bare hands along with basic hand tools such as a pair of scissors to cut, roll, bend, stack, and sew them. The choice to create jewelry out of an inexpensive material often considered unattractive and mundane was inspired by two reasons. On the one hand, it was to survive the weight of financial burden by keeping material and fabrication costs down. On the other hand, it was to challenge my ability to survive in a field known for its social pressure to use attractiveand precious materials.

The pandemic introduced a threat to my survival as an artist, in ways I could not have expected. In the past year and a half, I often felt stuck. When I did, I got bogged down by a variety of weight and pressure, which made me feel as if I have reached the limit of my ability. So much that I wonder if there is no more hope. This then threatened my vitality as an artist. To survive the pandemic required me to restore vitality in such a situation without giving up. To do this, I had to find a way to embrace and appropriately negotiate with a variety of weight and pressure. What was pleasantly surprising about this was that when I did, I ended up with art that defied my imagination. Art that provided me with experiences of relief, energy, and hope which helped me realize that there still exists infinite possibilities. I wish to share such experiences of relief, energy, and hope with those who witness or wear my work.

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