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During the course of the Pandemic, Harold O’Connor worked on two series of work, one in response to Covid 19 and another in which he revisited works that he started but never had the opportunity to complete.

“One of my reactions to Covid 19 in March 2020  was the lack of  positive response by the past president,Trump. This indifference inspired me to send him “on vacation” with a pendant containing an  an image of him in jail.. I also fabricated a Covid 19 ring which replicates the spiked shapes of the virus. I cast spike shaped clove spices which resembled the viruses form and topped them off with red pigment. The wall relief “Beating the Covid 19”  contains the Covid 19 ring, my vaccine sticker, and a smashed ring symbolizing that I have beaten Covid 19.

During the Covid 19 shutdown, I started working on images and unfinished pieces dating back over 20 years. The time alone allowed me to reflect on various techniques and ideas that I never had the time or opportunity to  create and complete.” – Harold O’Connor

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