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The motif is a clematis from New Zealand. New Zealand is a country with little damage from corona.

“I have been interested in birds, plants, insects, and other living things since I was a child.

I was fascinated by the changes in color and form that they had.

These formed the basis for my aesthetic sense as an artist.

This aesthetic is expressed in all of my work.

During Covid, i am more aware of my daily life. My heart is filled by those moments when I feel the temperature of the air, the scent of the sea breeze, and the sound of birds.

In the same way, it is very enjoyable to create jewelry while feeling the changes in the materials.

I believe that it is important to enrich every moment of creation in order to create a good piece of jewelry.

Why do people wear jewelry?

Perhaps people feel the impermanence and ambiguity of their existence within the passage of time.

I believe that jewelry has the power to clarify the existence of the person who wears it.

I will continue to strive to create jewelry that has such power.”

-Ando Yasuhiro

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