Yuri Tozuka uses her work to explore the invention and expression of both humans and nature. She delves into these themes using both hand-fabrication techniques as well as hand-carved wax models that are cast in precious metals.


My work is drawn from my imagination and observation of the world around me. Whether forms of a container or pieces of jewelry, I try to create work which is full of character. Reality is a key theme in my work; using my background in the field of special effects make-up allows me to play with the imaginary vs the real in order to fulfill my desires as creator. Investigating the truth of an object, the works I make are no longer just elements of the mind, but instead they can stand on their own in the world as new and concrete objects.

My work is often made with traditional metalsmithing materials and techniques of hand carved lost wax casting. As all living things consist of millions of minute details, I spend the most time on the details of each piece in order to give real life to my work. I try to join surprise and absurdity to conjure a bit of excitement for the viewer or the wearer.

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