Often using colored glasses in various forms of shards, powders, cane or even stained glass, Fero accomplishes the swirling patterns and mysterious movement of color in his work. His blown pieces are achieved by the controlled forcing of air into clear glass tubes while molten, with the colors added in an overlay technique. Fero’s figurative forms are the result of the manipulation of glass rods in a flame torch, alternately adding to and coiling the molten glass in sequential steps until the desired form takes shape.

Shane Fero has been a flame worker for 45 years. He participates in international symposia and conferences by lecturing and demonstrating worldwide, including Murano and Venecia Italy, Tasmania, Australia and Seto, Japan.

Fero has had over 25 solo exhibitions since 1992 and has participated in over 400 group exhibitions during his career. He has been honored with three retrospectives; a 30 year at the Berkowitz Gallery at the University of Michigan in 1999, a 40 year at the Huntsville Museum of Art in 2008 and at the Christian Brothers University in 2010. In 2014 he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Glass Art Society.

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