Kwon’s sculptural forms are fabricated from silicone, thread, pigment and paper. The end result features the lightness of intricately colored and patterned silicone capturing the translucency of glass.

Her innovative techniques and talents have been recognized with numerous awards and prizes including the prestigious BKV Prize, Munich, Germany; Cominelli Foundation Award, Fondazione Cominelli, Italy; Excellent Achievement of MFA, Kookmin University, Seoul, South Korea; International Craft Exhibition ITAMI Prize, Hyogo, Japan; Talente Award, Kunstoff Prize, Munich, Germany; Graduate Metal XI, Adelaide, Ausstralia; and The Art Jewelry Forum Award, United States.

“I am inspired by nature’s infinite possibility of creation and the organic forms of microscopic organisms. At each stage of creation, cells change in form through growth, division, and extinction, creating order and harmony within nature. Using silicone, a synthetic material that can change in texture and transparency, I express the organic movement and shape of cells with their mysterious color and constantly changing forms.”

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