Shinji Nakaba has investigated and explored the artistic world of fashion, hairdressing, shoemaking and graphic design. In 1974 he discovered his true passion, Glyptic Art, the ancient art of carving or engraving. Although he has used silver, gold and gemstones for his pieces, he particularly enjoys forming everyday materials into exquisite, wearable jewelry.


    I use not only precious metals and stones but also plastic bottles, aluminum beer cans, and other discarded materials. Whether a precious gemstone, seashell or plastic, I enjoy the process of carving, revealing the hidden beauty of all materials. With Glyptic art, I want to bring new life to something that has no value, transforming each piece into beautiful, sculptural, treasures. One of my greatest interests is to start a Glyptic Revolution!


    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
    Numerous private collections throughout the United States and internationally

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