“I have been involved in the process of making jewelry for over thirty years
    I share Dicks obsession with collecting Americana and found objects. The juxtaposition and use of these objects in his work, I find brilliant. Our collections overlap, we trade bottle caps, small Japanese screen-printed tin cars, old dice, vintage pins, etc.

    I have always used found objects in my jewelry. I believe they help tell a story, reminding us of our own memories and shared experiences. When I bezel a found treasure, it becomes more precious and can hold it’s own next to any gemstone.

    When Dick saw my jewelry, he suggested the possibility of including some of his murrine into the mix. The intricate work that goes into one of his murrina is astounding to me. They are truly special handmade little jewels. I am honored to be given the opportunity to include Dick’s murrine in my jewelry.”

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